The Pledge

We, the undersigned, pledge to:
  • pool resources together. We aim to act as one political group and make decisions together, regardless of where we are from. We will also try to avoid spending money for the same things at the same time. If we want an office in Brussels, we will use a common one. Whenever possible, we will have a common staff for common tasks, like public relations or administration.
  • be transparent and clear about our income and resources. We will make side income public and have our general expenditure allowance placed into a bank account separate from salary. In addition, we won’t sign in at the European Parliament unless we actually work there that day.
  • show how it works. We will be open about how we reach decisions, and how these reflect Pirate ideals. Whenever possible, we will disclose where our information comes from, with whom we spoke, and when we received it. We will make the information we accumulate accessible online. Specifically, we will publish the lobby documents we receive on the political files on which we are presently working.
  • uphold the No-Asshole clause. No matter how competent they are, we will not employ people who bully or discriminate against others, or endanger the team cohesion by their social behaviour. We will not let sexism, racism, ableism or other discrimination or harassment go unchallenged.
  • be exemplary. We will make the mandate our primary occupation. We explicitly agree to uphold the Code of Conduct for Members of the European Parliament and pledge to behave accordingly.

Sharing is caring: this text is under CC-3.0 BY license. This means you’re welcome to use it for your site, blog, or wherever you like. You don’t have to ask us, you’re just supposed to tell where you got it from ­čśë

The signees:

Amelia Andersdotter Piratpartiet Sweden
Gilles Bordelais Piratenpartei Germany
Julia Reda Piratenpartei Germany
Markus Drenger Piratenpartei Germany
Stevan Cirkovic Piratenpartei Germany
Martin Kliehm Piratenpartei Germany
Paul Bossu Pirate Party Belgium
Patrick Schiffer Piratenpartei Germany
Jeremy Scheppers Pirate Party Belgium
Pieter Iserbyt Pirate Party Belgium
Koen De Voegt Pirate Party Belgium
Jo Vols Pirate Party Belgium
Jonas Degrave Pirate Party Belgium
Marcel Kolaja Pirátská strana Czech Republic
Martina P├Âser Piratenpartei Germany
Karl-Georg Schroll Piratenpartei Germany
Justus R├Âmeth Piratenpartei Germany
Aleks Lessmann Piratenpartei Germany
Hubert Huthmacher Piratenpartei Germany
Bastian Halbe Piratenpartei Germany
Mari Augustin Piratenpartei Germany
Michael Merkens Piratenpartei Germany
Thomas Fr├Ąnkle Piratenpartei Germany
Werner Willeke Piratenpartei Germany
Karin Remeikis Piratenpartei Germany
J├╝rgen Hansen Piratenpartei Germany
Malte-C. Seidler Piratenpartei Germany
Michael James Eilebrecht Piratenpartei Germany
Mattias Bj├Ąrnemalm Piratpartiet Sweden
Bernd G. Wenzel Piratenpartei Germany
Frank Giebel Piratenpartei Germany
Matthias Garscha Piratenpartei Germany
Gregory Engels Piratenpartei Germany
Bruno Kramm Piratenpartei Germany
Gustav Nipe Piratpartiet Sweden
Nils Agnesson Piratpartiet Sweden
Nathalie Ylitalo Piratpartiet Sweden
Anton Nordenfur Piratpartiet Sweden
Mikael B├Â├Âk Piraattipuolue Finland
Torbj├Ârn Wester Piratpartiet Sweden
Tapani Karvinen Piraattipuolue Finland
Verena Nedden Piratenpartei Germany
Gun Svensson Piratpartiet Sweden
Masa Corak Piratska Stranka Croatia
Corinne Gireau Parti Pirate France
Dr.Winny Dehn Piratenpartei Germany
Peggy Sylopp Piratenpartei Germany
Matthijs Pontier Piratenpartij The Netherlands
Lukas Daniel Klausner Piratenpartei Austria
Stephan Mehofer Piratenpartei Austria
Andreas Schmid Piratenpartei Austria
J├Ârg Pfannschmdit Piratenpartei Germany
Harald Bauer Piratenpartei Austria
Markus Feuerstack Piratenpartei Germany
Anne Helm Piratenpartei Germany
Fotios Amanatides Piratenpartei Germany
Anke Domscheit-Berg Piratenpartei Germany
Eric Mahuet Parti Pirate France
Michel Amorosa Parti Pirate France
Didier Urschitz Parti Pirate France
Abdelkrim Pirate Party Belgium
Sarah van Liefferinge Pirate Party Belgium
Wim Ronse Pirate Party Belgium
Calabrese Fr├ęd├ęric Pirate Party Belgium
Nono Pirate Party Belgium
Satu Immonen Piraattipuolue Finland
Harri Kivist├ Piraattipuolue Finland
Janne P. Hukkinen Piraattipuolue (independent candidate) Finland
Coraline Plumat Pirate Party Belgium
Raoul Plommer Piraattipuolue Finland
Jiri Keronen Piraattipuolue Finland
Steven Russchenberg Piratenpartij Netherlands
Rogier Huurman Piratenpartij Netherlands
Charif Mews Piratenpartij Netherlands
Dylan Hallegraeff Piratenpartij The Netherlands
Peter Grassberger Piratenpartei Austria
Ari Ryyn├Ąnen Piraattipuolue Finland
Ville Hautakangas Piraattipuolue Finland
Maria Morri Piraattipuolue Finland
Janne Paalij├Ąrvi Piraattipuolue Finland
Tuukka Virtaperko Piraattipuolue Finland
Mika Isomaa Piraattipuolue Finland
Stefan Cristian Brindusa Partidul Pirat Romania
Claudiu Marginean Partidul Pirat Romania
Aurelian Tărcatu Partidul Pirat România
Alexandru R─âdulescu Partidul Pirat Romania
Targan Ionut Partidul Pirat Romania
Stratos Zolotas ╬ܤî╬╝╬╝╬▒ ╬á╬Á╬╣¤ü╬▒¤ä¤Ä╬Ż ╬Ľ╬╗╬╗╬Č╬┤╬▒¤é Greece
Mika Letonsaari Piraattipuolue Finland
Dario Casta├▒├ę Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Lorena M├╝ller Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Sirius D. Abad├şa Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Soledad Toledo Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Angel Vazquez Hernandez Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Xavier Marti Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Jonna Puroj├Ąrvi Piraattipuolue Finland
Saara Siintola Piraattipuolue Finland
Pekka Mustonen Piraattipuolue Finland
Vojt─Ťch Pikal ─îesk├í pir├ítsk├í strana Czech Republic
Pirate Party Tunisia (PPTN) Pirate Party Tunisia Tunisia
Chemseddine BEN JEMAA Parti Pirate France France
Andres Diz Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Aleix Compte Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Juan Bautista Esteve Ramos Confederacion Pirata Spain
juan jesus lopea aguilar Confederaci├│n Pirata Spain
Joan Vilà Confederación Pirata Spain
Bouvais Justine Parti Pirate France France
Maria Aretoulaki Pirate Party UK United Kingdom
George Walkden Pirate Party United Kingdom
Christina Sereti ╬ܤî╬╝╬╝╬▒ ╬á╬Á╬╣¤ü╬▒¤ä¤Ä╬Ż ╬Ľ╬╗╬╗╬Č╬┤╬▒¤é Greece
Boris Alcaraz Parti Pirate France
David-Allan Roberton Parti Pirate France
V├ęronique Vermorel Parti Pirate France
Efstratios Zolotas Pirate Party Greece Greece


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