See you in Maastricht [Update]

On Sunday 15th, I’ll be addressing the Maastricht conference, which is organised by Pirates from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, with a talk on cooperation for the European elections. I will focus on:

  • The Programme: Proposal for a Common European Election Programme (CEEP), now ratified by the German Pirate Party. What it is, how it came to be and how we can use it.
  • The Pledge: As candidates to a seat in the European Parliament, we have started this pledge, open to all candidates. I will talk about the different aspects and why the transnational character is important.
  • The Event: Courtesy of Amelia Andersdotter and Mab, something big for all Pirates is coming up in March in Brussels. I will give details and explain why it’s important we make it big.
  • The Protest: TTIP is the new ACTA. This is a good fight to fight and could drive the campaign.

See you there!

Update: the conference was great. Thanks to the organisers! You can download the presentation here.

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    I was alost ready to participate at this conference ; sorry but I couldn’t manage my agenda. CONGRATUTATIONS !
    See my article (in french) about TAFTA
    lire l’article du Monde Diplomatique
    Sign petition here :