The tandem rolls on

Dear Friends,

the tandem is indeed going to Brussels. Yipiie!

Julia has been elected, Gilles has won the open bidding for the position of Head of Office, that means the tandem is complete and we will from now on pedal together and as hard as we can. As we said in the beginning, we want you on board as well! … more →

My promise for digital rights in Europe

A common declaration by Julia and Gilles

I am running for European Parliament in the may 2014 election for the German Pirate Party. Today, I am giving a promise to all electors that I will defend their digital rights for as long as I will hold the mandate. I have signed the Charter of Digital Rights.

The Charter

I will … more →

See you in Maastricht [Update]

On Sunday 15th, I’ll be addressing the Maastricht conference, which is organised by Pirates from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, with a talk on cooperation for the European elections. I will focus on:

The Programme: Proposal for a Common European Election Programme (CEEP), now ratified by the German Pirate Party. What it is, how it came to be and how we can use … more →