The tandem rolls on

Dear Friends,

the tandem is indeed going to Brussels. Yipiie!

Julia has been elected, Gilles has won the open bidding for the position of Head of Office, that means the tandem is complete and we will from now on pedal together and as hard as we can. As we said in the beginning, we want you on board as well! So make yourselves ready, we will regularly ask for your opinion, we will provide a possibility for you to take part at your own pace and we will definitely ask for your help, when we have something that can be crowdsourced. Spoiler: it will often have something to do with copyright reform, so you might want to read up a bit 😉

We are very much looking forward to working with you on European policies in the coming years.

We’ll see you on !

Best greetings,

Julia and Gilles

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